Het Swift blog, van de JREF, schreef over onzin-producten vanuit het perspectief van de marketing.

As a marketer who happens to be a skeptic and to have been cursed with a conscience, I have encountered and declined my share of earning opportunities with said other kind.
There was, for instance, the video producer who wanted me to script a direct response TV commercial for a mineral which, when placed in a refrigerator, allegedly made food last longer. Intrigued, I asked if the product worked. “No,” he said, “but that’s what we’re claiming.” I sent him on his way.
There was the software that claims to but doesn’t predict stock prices. The dial-an-astrologer company. The not-for-profit organization whose mission is the disenfranchisement of all who are not white, middle-aged, male, straight, ultra-conservative and, of course, right-wing Christian. The weight-loss hypnotherapist.

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